Finally got geo-based pricing working for all my courses!

Dr Bart Jaworski
3 min readJan 2, 2024

I finally managed to hit one of my goals: I managed to get my course more affordable by, after weeks of working, enabling location-based pricing! It was quite a journey and I wish to tell you more :)

Bottom line: My courses are on www. drbartpm. com are now priced differently in different countries to ensure it’s as relative as the USD price to Western markets. As I have to do it manually, please let me know if you don’t see what you would consider a fair price for your country. I will adjust it!

Now, to the full post:

Let’s start by saying that I love to share what I know about being a great Product Manager. The whole reason my teaching career started was that I found the course space to be too expensive and/or sharing way too much theoretical knowledge. Only after taking several courses did I realize that none of them would have helped

After 2 years of working with a well-known educational platform, I decided to move on with my brand to my own website and focus all the promotion there. The offer on the website is way better, with updated videos, additional goodies free resume review, and help with recruitment projects attached to the offer.

The prices for those, I believe, reflect well the effort I put in and make a killer offer for the tons of useful Product knowledge that is backed up with hundreds of positive reviews and people who landed new product jobs with my help.

However, the price was fair and affordable for a Western potential student, The more east of the world, the more the price was just too high.

Not anymore!

It took me literal WEEKS of back-and-forth work with my website provider to find a WordPress plugin that could successfully adjust the price of the courses based on the location of a potential student. We went through different options, and encountered tons of bugs, and only at the end of December did we finally get it to work as planned :)

So, with that, my mission is to have my best product knowledge shared at an affordable price is almost completed! :)

Thus, be ready for all PM challenges, check out my courses on www. drbartpm. com :) Use the code “linkedinfollower” on checkout to receive an additional 30% discount on all of them :)

Have you already taken my course? How was it? Sound off in the comments!

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