Finding a balance between tech and product

Dr Bart Jaworski
3 min readNov 26, 2023

Do you find it hard to find the balance between stakeholders and the tech team’s requests? Only with the right balance of both can you achieve sustainable growth! Here are 8 ways to achieve that:

1) Make your product plans transparent
The more the tech team knows what you plan to do as a Product Manager, the more likely they will be able to adapt and find the best technical solution to the upcoming initiatives. This will give them an idea of when to plan their tech initiatives. But before that, make sure you:

2) Force the tech team to estimate the impact of their requests
It’s often hard to do, I admit. But if you can’t estimate and measure the impact, you really shouldn’t do it. Just like you need that for product initiatives, “it will help us” is not good enough for tech ones. However, if you can, say, “reduce the build time by 60%”, then it’s perfect! With this, you will be able to:

3) Prioritize tech and product tasks next to one another
If prioritization is transparent and everyone can follow your logic, then no one will blame you, Product Manager, if tech investments are put on the back burner. After all, it’s the data talking, not your opinion! That also means:

4) Welcome product tasks downtime as a moment for more of a tech focus
There will be times when you will be waiting for designs or experiment results before being able to move forward. Use this for all the refactors needed! However:

5) Always mix it up
Stakeholders don’t like tech-oriented sprints. Thus sprinkle 1 or 2 tiny product changes over it to show on sprint review. No one has to know it took an hour to complete!

6) Pay the bills and invest when ROI is healthy
If you keep finding it hard to dedicate time to tech initiatives, start following your releases’ return on investment (ROI). If that number is much higher than the cost of the team’s cost, you have a strong case of slowing down a bit to invest in tech fundamentals. But even then, be sure to:

7) Keep the lights on
If anything threatens to take down the product, whether that’s a legal, technical, or product matter, there is…



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