How I overslept for a Netflix Product Manager job interview…

Dr Bart Jaworski
3 min readNov 21, 2023

Don’t worry if you messed up a job interview! I’ve once overslept for a late afternoon interview call with Netflix! You won’t do worse than me :) Let me tell you the full story:

It was at the beginning of the year, a few weeks after I was laid off from Microsoft. I was still on garden leave and started to look for a new position. As the recruitment processes take forever, so did my days stretch, became a tad lazy and I enjoyed the in-between period to regenerate.

I had a few processes open, but the Netflix one was the one I found most intriguing. It was a Product position for some internal tool. So on the one hand this would get me closer to the movie industry and my stakeholders would be the people creating the shows. On the other hand, internal tools can be boring to develop, and generally, I find most passion in larger B2C offers.

Still, it was Netflix and I was going to give it my best!

Or so I planned…

I was excited for the interview for the whole week, but on the day it was supposed to happen, I got off on the wrong foot. My head hurt, I couldn’t focus and generally felt under the weather. My energy and good humor didn’t return until I took a nap late in the afternoon…

…just to realize, an hour after the planned call, that I slept through it!

Like a freakin’ baby!

A guy who teaches how to land Product Management jobs and helped over 270 people get that job, totally blew it!

To make matters worse, somehow my phone decided not to relay email push notifications, with no reminders and emails asking if I would be coming…

I did apologize in the end for “the family emergency” and rescheduled the appointment, no problem. I went through two rounds and was not selected forward — apparently, they found more than 1 person with Product and movie industry experience!

Why am I telling you this?

To make sure you know many random things can happen that will affect your interview process. You shouldn’t blame yourself for getting any detail wrong! If the professional can sleep through a Netflix interview and then write a slightly funny post about it, it’s…



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