How to quickly establish the success of your release?

Dr Bart Jaworski
3 min readFeb 28, 2024

Are you having problems deciding whether your release was successful? What metrics to use? How to even find the time to understand the results? Here are 10 ways to determine the success of your release:

1) Set up your feature goals ahead of time
If you know what you want to achieve with a release, this is half of the work done! Of course, stay vigilante as some things may bring value where not expected, but start with selecting the right metrics and how they will be affected

2) Use the STARS framework to build an adoption rate funnel
This stands for Segment, Tried, Adopted, Retained, and Satisfied. If you are able to easily monitor this funnel, you will be able to easily evaluate the success of any released feature! If you wish to learn more about STARS framework, checkout this link:

3) Monitor feedback from all sources
This can come from your in-app feedback tool, sales and marketing department, social media, local forums… Be aware ahead of time where your users can speak up and make sure you are on a watch out for those!

4) Use automation to have the insights chase you
If possible, make sure you can quickly and easily set up and share new release dashboards. The less time…



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