How to survive Monday as a Product Manager

Dr Bart Jaworski
3 min readNov 19, 2023

Do you tend to have horrible Mondays that break all your plans and expectations? Here are 8 ways to stay strong, positive and have a productive week after all:

1) Select 1–3 goals for the week
There will be 20,000 critical priorities on your agenda and nothing you do will change that. However, to close anything, you need focus. Thus, choose the most important goals and pursue them to a successful conclusion! I know it’s hard, but it’s better to complete 1–3 things than to have 10 “in progress” items.

2) Consider canceling meetings that don’t lead you closer to those goals
Especially as a Product Manager, you will have way too many meetings. Some of them will be a distraction and you need time for focus work as well. Attending meetings is not your core responsibility, achieving product goals is!

3) Prioritize relentlessly and often
You might set your goals early on, but don’t be afraid to change them if needed. It’s not a sprint goal! And to that end:

4) Recognize real crises
Some issues will be better sorted ASAP, some will disappear on their own if you ignore them for a time. It takes experience to tell them apart, but don’t let someone else’s panic get to you. You need facts and figures, not managing by crisis.

5) Don’t take it personally
If everything is hard, it’s often simply not your fault, and you shouldn’t allow it to stress you. You will achieve more with a level head and composure, rather than panicked. To this end:

6) Keep smiling
Or at least don’t show fear or anger. This way you will project confidence and control, especially when everybody is struggling. If you can keep it together, you will lead by example!

7) Choose remote and office days
Some tasks are better performed in the office, close to people. Others will take less time if you can have the perfect focus at home. Take that into account when planning your week :)

8) Ask for help/delegate
You are the product manager and you can’t do it alone. If you can’t do it alone, delegate! Some tasks can be refined by the team alone…



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