It’s been a year since my layoff…

Dr Bart Jaworski
3 min readJan 26, 2024

It’s been a year since my Microsoft layoff and the viral “Woman opposing her layoff” video resonates with me… Let me tell you how this year was for me; If you were also laid off recently, I hope this will cheer you up!

Let’s start with Brittany’s video — I admire her courage to call the bull shit of the layoff process. I’m not sure if I would do the same though. When being let go from Microsoft, I was a company’s true believer, and being let go was a shock out of the blue and I would have done much to come back.

Not anymore.

I was fired by a manager of my manager of my manager without a real reason — it was not performance-based and all my hard work, dedication, and cheering for the company with all my social influence meant nothing.

I was but a row in Excel that needed to be deleted.

I had the same anger and questions Brittany posed in her layoff.

“What is the real criteria my role was chosen for deletion?”

All I wanted was honesty and being treated as a human being and acknowledged. I did get this later from my direct managers, but it was even more hurtful that they had no say in my situation.

Even gigantic severance didn’t really help. Financially, of course, it gave me time to heal and find a new job. I won’t deny this was cool — especially that legally speaking they could have sent me off with a pat on the back due to my work arrangement — I was just formally rehired in a different country.

Still, even though I managed to find a new job quickly (thank you, The Stepstone Group and Florin Ciontu), I did spend my time between jobs trying to heal and get on my feet.

Even though my situation was stable, I had my teaching and mentoring business and was happy that out of my Skype PM peers, I got the axe (I was the most likely to bounce back), I still hurt and asked: “Why me?”, “What could have I done better?”

My new job started though and I had the biggest case of impostor syndrome to get over through… It was 3 months before I could start working with a team and due to the company’s strategic decisions, I only had 3…



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