Weekly Blog #9

Dr Bart Jaworski
4 min readNov 21, 2022

I have helped 205 people find a new Product position, that includes 3 more just last week! Read more to learn how I do this and what I did last week to help more people!

So, the way I’m helping:

  • I share knowledge about being a Great Product Manager and landing the job here, on YouTube, Medium and Tealfeed
  • I have 2 Udemy courses that help, in a proven way, to build up your Product Management skills and then win the job interview, link in the description
  • My students have access to a dedicated Discord channel with 2300 aspiring or sitting Product Managers with my oversight
  • I share free materials on how to create, what is in my opinion, the optimal Product Manager resume and review it for my course’s students and those in need in selected cases

and finally:

  • I’m here on LinkedIn chat to answer your questions. I won’t leave any messages unanswered willingly! I’m sorry, I won’t agree to be your mentor and/or get on a quick, 15-minute call, I have too little time between family, a full-time job at Microsoft and this gig to do that. However, if you are willing to type out your story and problem, you can count on me to read and advise and provide you with the guidance I believe will help you overcome your obstacles!

Last week was on the better side. After weeks of personal, rather positive, turmoil I finally closed down a few challenges and could give my teaching efforts a tad more attention without going crazy. I did evaluate my course’s situation (check yesterday’s post!), made a breakthrough by preparing a course on a new platform and submitted all LinkedIn Learning course scripts for approval and within the deadline :) There is also a new exclusive article on Tealfeed, I will provide a link later today :) Though all that effort meant no new video on the YouTube channel yet, I might edit a short today or tomorrow.

I feel a little burned out with daily LinkedIn posting, to be honest, so I might take a few days off writing to look for more inspiration :) But generally, I feel like I’m in a good place and might grab a camera and record some material in 2 weeks as planned! So far, this year was very good for me, though it required a lot of work and stress. It was worth it, for over 150 I helped this year and for myself :)

Have a great week everyone!

Dr Bart

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