Weekly Blog #9

I have helped 205 people find a new Product position, that includes 3 more just last week! Read more to learn how I do this and what I did last week to help more people!

So, the way I’m helping:

and finally:

Last week was on the better side. After weeks of personal, rather positive, turmoil I finally closed down a few challenges and could give my teaching efforts a tad more attention without going crazy. I did evaluate my course’s situation (check yesterday’s post!), made a breakthrough by preparing a course on a new platform and submitted all LinkedIn Learning course scripts for approval and within the deadline :) There is also a new exclusive article on Tealfeed, I will provide a link later today :) Though all that effort meant no new video on the YouTube channel yet, I might edit a short today or tomorrow.

I feel a little burned out with daily LinkedIn posting, to be honest, so I might take a few days off writing to look for more inspiration :) But generally, I feel like I’m in a good place and might grab a camera and record some material in 2 weeks as planned! So far, this year was very good for me, though it required a lot of work and stress. It was worth it, for over 150 I helped this year and for myself :)

Have a great week everyone!

Dr Bart

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