Weekly Blog Post #4

🎉 I helped two more people land their Product roles! As of now, I’ve proudly helped 186 people since September last year!

I’m now literally 1 person away from having helped 150 people this year alone! A goal I set myself as a milestone almost unreachable when looking at the numbers and trends since 01.01.2022. And with 2.5 months to spare and in the middle of a hire slow-down.

Of course, it’s not about the numbers. It’s just a metric to help me evaluate if what I do, works. What good are my courses, videos and posts if they don’t reach their ultimate purpose: Getting people following my advice hired as Product Managers. It appears it’s working better than expected 10 months ago :)

For a short update on my work; check the comments section for a summary of all that I have done last week for a brief recap. Perhaps you missed a post that would be useful for you.

I’m going through subtitles in chapter 2 of my core course to improve Udemy’s autogenerated ones (They are not bad at all!) and have begun scripting on this year’s last course I plan to release as well as my LinkedIn Learning project, slated to release early next year. Apart from that, I need to review chapter 3 scripts in hopes I can re-record and edit those videos before the year ends. I also hope to release on yet one platform and all that while making sure your videocalls on Skype keep improving, my family feels cared for and with posting at least 1 post every day :)

How do I manage all this? Not sure, but sounds like a nice idea for a post!

I have also prepared a breakdown of all the releases from last week:

What can prevent you from landing a job even if you are perfectly ready:

A way to scrape Amazon in Google docs:

8 actions to prevent overworking your team/delaying a release when working against the clock:

The final part of how I became a Senior PM at Microsoft:

Google APM openings in London and Zurich and how to land them:

A data-driven story:

New video release! When is the MVP/Design ready Product Manager recruitment question:

Free design websites that should be illegal to know:

Set the right expectations: a design principle:

The fewer sprint goals, the greater the chance of actually having a successful sprint meme:

Have a great and very productive week :)

P.S. If you recently landed a job thanks to my private help or the Udemy course, please let me know! It always makes my day way better :)!

If you want to become a Great Product Manager, check out my courses at a price of a typical lunch with the links below.

Great Product Manager: Product Management by a Big Tech’s PM: https://www.udemy.com/course/become-a-product-manager/?couponCode=OCTOBERPM22

Win your Product Manager job interview: https://www.udemy.com/course/win-product-management-job-interview/?couponCode=WINTHEJOBOCT22

Design Sprint: Create a Great Product Prototype in 5 days!:

All coupons expire in October 2022, check the newest posts for up-to-date discounts!

Find reviews and statements from students who landed the dream job with the course here: https://www.instagram.com/greatpmcoursereviews/

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Finally, check the collection of my Product Management articles on Medium: https://dr-bartosz-jaworski.medium.com/



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Dr Bart Jaworski

I am a senior Product Manager at Microsoft. My online courses have helped thousands to develop their Product Management careers. I would like to help you too!