I'm a passionate Product Manager eager to teach younger Product Managers how to best perform this role. I have vast experience with recruitment-related IT products. I'm currently employed as a Senior product manager at Microsoft, working in the Skype team. My previous roles include Product experience in OLX (European classified ads leader) and Stepstone (Top European job board) as well as a small start-up role.

As of March 2022 I have taught Product Management to over 6000 people and heard that at least 75 of them have started their Product Management dream jobs with my help and materials, that includes this Medium blog! The offer came from companies like from Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal and Zalando!

In my doctoral thesis, I researched the possibility of using evolutionary algorithms in a problem of path planning in high-traffic maritime areas. I am an author or co-author of over 10 scientific papers dealing with related matters.

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Dr Bart Jaworski

I am a senior Product Manager at Microsoft. My online courses have helped thousands to develop their Product Management careers. I would like to help you too!